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This is something I had to do for 2D design and I made it a GIF!

Concepts Project Aging (Taken with Cinemagram)

Making Peanut Brittle @ River Street Sweets
#candy #food #yummy #sweets (Taken with Cinemagram)

Re-watched our wedding video the other day (sniffle) so I made some GIFs from it!

Man, 7 years has gone by fast. Look at those kids. 

Our Wedding: Atheists Praying

Our Wedding: Husband and Wife

Our Wedding: Trying to Not Catch on Fire

Our Wedding: Dad Looking Unhappy

Our Wedding: You May Now Kiss the Bride

Get ready now, I re-watched Dawn of the Dead for Halloween and I have GIFs out the wazoo!

Whitey Trying to Get Away (Taken with Cinemagram)

Creepy Robot Romney (Taken with Cinemagram)